One of the main attractions for North Americans is the ubiquitous presence of the 1950ish American cars. The Chevys, Fords, Cadillacs, Plymouths and some that are composites. Most are kept together with paperclips and rubber bands, but they are stunningly and professionally painted and the brakes work, most of the time. Any midwesterner from the 50's would die to own one and I suspect that, once the embargo is lifted, most will end up in the U.S.

Most of them, especially the convertibles, are popular taxis; you can hop in one and be driven around Old Havana in '50's style, bench seats and all. AND you don't have to bother a seatbelt!

I learned how to drive on a blue and white 54 Ford driven by my boyfriend, Larry Peterson, in Des Moines. Thank you, Larry; haven't had a fatal accident in 55 years! If anyone can identify a car or two, let me know and I will re-name its photo.